Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

Education with a Special Character

As a Catholic school we have an obligation to provide an education with a Catholic Character in all dimensions of our school life, with each learning area taught from a catholic perspective.

Liston College provides a faith environment College within which our young people will experience Catholic life. Our students will have the opportunity to experience and live out their faith through participation in the liturgy, sacraments, community life and service. We ensure that the religious observances are part of the life of the college so that our students will experience the sacramental celebrations and rituals which are part of the life of the Catholic Church.

Religious Education Te Whakaakoranga Whakapono, is a ninth learning area which is in addition to the eight outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum (2007).  Like the other eight curriculum areas, the Religious Education Curriculum describes in broad terms the knowledge, skills and values students in Catholic schools need to acquire and provides a systematic way enabling students to understand, appreciate and grow in the Catholic faith.

The knowledge of the Religious Education curriculum is the teachings of the Catholic Church as appropriate for students in a Year 7 to 13 school based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The attitudes and values which the school inculcates, are based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and Christian morality. The vision, principles and key competencies, outlines in the New Zealand Curriculum, are developed across the whole curriculum including Religious Education Te Whakaakoranga Whakapono.

Our Religious Education programme is concerned with both religion and education and as such has the same systematic demands and rigour required of other subjects. The programme is classroom based where young people learn what it is like to be a Catholic: that is what Catholics believe in and how they live, celebrate and pray.

Outline of the themes in Liston College’s Religious Education Programme:

Year 7 & 8 - Introduction to Catholic Christianity
Students will develop an understanding of the concept of Holy Trinity – God the father (te matua) , Jesus the son (te tamaiti) and the Holy Spirit (te wairua tapu); the church as a faith community; sacraments as an expression of our catholic faith; and the saints as an expression of the sanctity, choice that are made and meaning of life.

Year 9 - Beginnings
Students discover the opportunities to develop their mana as unique persons created in God’s image with the potential to develop their goodness.

Year 10 - Journey
Students find out what is meant by personal identity and then examine factors that influence its development and expression, including, Whanau, school, country and religion. They will understand that life is a journey during which Christians accept responsibility for one another.

Year 11 - Challenges
Students will learn the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to understand the Christian perspective that human life in all of its dimensions possesses its’ own innate dignity.

Year 12 - Widening Horizons
Students will use their abilities to understand and explore the nature and function of religion in today’s society.

Year 13 - On the Threshold.
Students will develop a critical awareness of current religious issues and understand how they affect our world.