Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand


Liston College will operate the following policies with regards to NZQA Assessment.

  • Each student will be issued with a Course Outline at the start of the year detailing:
  • a general course overview
  • the achievement standards in the course, their credit value and the assessment method
  • an assessment statement detailing the dates and types of assessment and re-assessments
  • a personal record sheet to record grades on (also available in the school diary)

The following specific policies will be applied:

1. Authenticity

Assessment work completed must be the student’s own work. Students will be expected to sign authenticity declarations and, where appropriate, submit working drafts. Where evidence indicates work presented is not a student’s own work, the school policy will be followed.

First breach - written warning and no credits for the Standard will be awarded

Second breach - the student will be ineligible for any award in that subject

2. Appeals

Internal Standards - Appeals of grades awarded may be made but must occur within FIVE school days of the return of assessed work. Students are asked to approach their classroom teacher in the first instance. Failing resolution, appeals may be made to the Head of Department, then if necessary to the Chairperson of the Curriculum Committee, Mr Houghton.

External Standards - NZQA guidelines will be followed. Check their website for details.

3. Late Work

DUE DATE means just that! Late work will not be accepted for an assessment unless exceptional circumstances exist (see also 6. Compassionate Considerations below). If students are not able to hand in the work personally, then they need to make arrangements to deliver the work to the teacher by the appointed time. All assessments take priority over other college events such as sports trips / games, field trips etc.

4. Further Assessment Opportunities

School policy states that only ONE reassessment opportunity will be available to those students who were either absent for the original assessment or who wish to improve their original grade. Re-assessment (using a new assessment) will only be offered where it is feasible and/or practicable to offer a further assessment opportunity. Teachers may also offer ONE resubmission opportunity to students. This is where general feedback is given on an original assessment prior to a grade being given by a teacher.

5. Verifying Grades

Students are required to verify the sighting and acceptance of the grade awarded by signing the result slip attached to each piece of internally assessed work. Students will also be required to verify the final grades awarded that are submitted to NZQA.

6. Derived Grade Considerations

Internal Achievement Standards - If a student is legitimately absent from school, through illness (supported by a current medical certificate), bereavement or where special permission has been granted by the Principal then they must apply for a derived grade. The student (or parent) must approach the Head of Department at the first opportunity. The decision as to whether or not a derived grade will be given will be made by the Principal’s Nominee in consultation with the Head of Department based on the available evidence. Where available, students will participate in a re-assessment of the standard. Where re-assessment is not available, staff may make a judgement if there is sufficient evidence available from other work related to the same skill/content.

External Achievement Standards – NZQA guidelines will be followed.

7. Retention of Student work

Student internal assessment material will be retained by departments until it is no longer required for moderation or audit purposes (this may be over a calendar year). In some cases, copies of student work will be retained permanently to assist the staff in maintaining the national standard. Students will be informed where this takes place.

8. Student Misconduct

All students will be informed of the regulations and school policies by way of Departmental Policies and Procedures (issued by individual Departments). Where evidence of misconduct or breeches of School Policies and Procedures are apparent, a student will be given “Not Achieved” Students may appeal this through the Appeals process.

9. Departmental and School Policies

The School and each Department has a set of policies that assists it in Managing Assessment for NCEA. These give more detail on the above statements. You may request to see the policies at any time. Approach the Head of Department if you which to view either set of policies.

Assessment Policies and Procedures


  • Ensure that they understand the assessment programme and policy
  • Check thoroughly the accuracy of the assessment by teachers when work is returned
  • Ensure they understand the requirements of each assessment being completed
  • Discuss problems/concerns with the Class Teacher / Head of Department
  • Ensure that work submitted is their own


Examinations will be held in early June and October. These will assist students in the preparation for their external Achievement Standards. The results from these exams will be a good indication of how student learning has progressed in the understanding of the relevant subject skills and knowledge, for each particular standard. If for any reason students are unable to sit the external exams at the end of the year, reference may be made to these results for compassionate considerations.

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