Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand


The School’s Policies, procedures and processes for managing internal assessment have been established to ensure that students receive fair, valid, consistent and accurate assessment for National Qualifications (see separate pamphlet on Assessment Policies and Procedures).

For National Qualifications, Standards can either be Achievement Standards, Unit Standards (either School or Industry Based) or other approved examinations or standards (approved by NZQA).

The following grades apply to Achievement and Unit Standards:

Achievement Standards

not achieved




achieved with merit


achieved with excellence

Unit Standards 

not achieved




General Introduction to NCEA

Generally a full time course has 24 credits. Where a Student’s Record of Learning / course has Unit Standards and Achievement Standards recording credits where the learning outcomes are the same, one set of these will not be recorded as part of a qualification. There are no limitations on course design and flexibility exists to design new courses relevant to student needs and local resources. Courses can be a mixture of both Unit Standards and Achievement Standards in any mix and at differing levels. Course structure may vary according to the academic level of students (a course for the less able may consist of fewer than 24 credits). However students need to be aware of prerequisites for higher level courses when embarking on lower level courses.