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Development Plan

Posted by Jason Mclennan on 4 August 2014


Message from Jason Mclennan - Board of Trustees Chair

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Development Plan:
The Board is working with the Catholic Diocesan Administration (CDA) to plan the next stage of building and facilities development for Liston College. We have submitted a Development Plan which is looking to the future and the proposed shape of the College for the next 15 – 20 years, to be able to cope with our growing roll whilst providing reliable and modern facilities to educate our boys. A copy of this plan is available on the link provided below and on the College website.  Click Here.

What happens next?
Plans are currently being finalised for the construction of a new 8-classroom blockwhich will connect to the Romero building.  The intention is that  construction will begin at the end of this year or early next year, with the project to be completed by the start of term three 2015.

Following completion of the 8 new classrooms, the remaining re-locatable pre-fab classrooms will be removed from the site.

The Board is also working with the CDA to plan for permanent buildings for the teaching of Drama and Music, and in addition we are also in negotiations over the building of a new gymnasium.

Everyone agrees that the current gymnasium is not suitable as a modern space for the teaching of P.E., and it is also too small to accommodate the whole school when required (e.g. for the past three years the College has had to split the weekly assembly into separate Senior and Junior Assemblies); and it is not possible to effectively gather as a whole school community (including families) to celebrate events such as the sacraments or prize giving.

The Board therefore has identified the new gymnasium as the special “Jubilee Project” to recognize the 40th Jubilee this year. Plans are being drawn up for the new gymnasium and will be available on the website in the coming months.

How are projects of this scale funded?
Essentially the CDA funds replacement buildings through Ministry of Education (MoE) funding. Liston College is part of the diocesan collective which pools these funds together and the CDA establishes the list of capital works over the next few years. The replacement of the re-locatable prefab buildings has been identified by the CDA as the immediate priority for our college.

In addition to MoE funds, schools use locally raised funds from the community to help fund projects - for Liston College this is known as the Proprietor’s FinancialContribution (PFC). This is used to help fund projects which are needed now but are planned for some time in the future. It is also used to fund projects which exceed the financial entitlement from the MoE. For example when the Romero building was constructed the classroom sizes were slightly bigger than the entitlement.  The Board at the time negotiated with the CDA for the larger classrooms and used your contributions to the PFC to fund the shortfall, and the College has benefitted by having better classroom spaces through this arrangement.

As you are probably aware the PFC is a voluntary contribution - to those families who make this contribution, I thank you on behalf of the Board. As we look to embark on the next phase of development, the Jubilee Gymnasium will require the PFC and support from the entire Liston College community to help to fund it – and to provide our boys with a facility they will be proud of.

The Board is committed to working with the CDA to provide the appropriate facilities for your sons at Liston College (the recent improvements to the tuckshop is a small example of the Board acting to improve the facilities as well as delivering better service for students).

Mr. Rooney will keep you informed of up-dates on the Development Plan through the regular College newsletters. I look forward to being able to also bring you a Board up-date through the Board newsletter.  If you have any questions or comments please contact me through the Board Secretary at

Jason Mclennan
Board Chair