Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

Newsletter 123

Posted by CS Rooney on 8 July 2013

Scripture Quote:  (Jesus said,) “Learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit.” Matthew 11:29

‘Keep on loving one another…… Remember those who are suffering, as though you were suffering as
they are’.   

Issue 123 5 July 2013

Principal's Corner

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Restorative Justice Training for Staff:
Last Friday the staff had a follow-up professional development day to further develop the Restorative Practices in the College. While the focus was centred on relations between teachers and students, the whole staff – teaching and support – were together for part of the day. The essence of this approach is to address the relationship when some harm has occurred. It is a good way of holding people accountable for their actions and establishing what needs to be done to address the harm. All permanent teachers who are new to the school attend intensive training in the programme. This week five teachers attended the three day course. The fact that there is such importance given to on-going development is a sign of the Board’s commitment to this approach.

We are in our third year of the RJ programme at the College and it is interesting that students in Years 7 – 9 especially are most familiar with the language and format of Restorative Practice. During this time there have been very few students who have been stood-down and there has not been a single student who has been suspended. While there is no doubt an element of good luck there is also no doubt that this approach to discipline is working. While I realise that you had to make arrangements to look after your son for the Teacher-Only day last Friday, I do thank you for your understanding and support to enable us to proceed with the day.

Parent Teacher Evenings:
By now you will have received your son’s report. Please refer to the information included in this newsletter which explains how to book a time to meet with your son’s teachers on either Tuesday 9th or Wednesday 10th next week. I look forward to meeting you there.

Jubilee Committee:
Preparations for next year’s 40th Jubilee are underway. The organising committee has met and planning is gathering momentum. More information will be available on the College website. I will inform you when it has been added. The celebrations will take place on Labour Weekend 2014.

Old Boys Association:
The Old Boys Association is now formally back in business. After several meetings and a lot of communication, a committee has now been established and several events are being planned to bring past students together. More information will be available on the College website.

Holiday Tutoring Programme:
A number of teachers of NCEA are offering tutoring opportunities during the term break. This is one of the reasons for our continuing outstanding NCEA results. I would ask you to encourage your son to take advantage of this opportunity to assist with his learning and achievement. I thank my staff who are prepared to give their time so willingly.

If you are travelling during the break I wish you safe travel and return.

C S Rooney