Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

Years 7 – 13

Years 7 – 13

Years 7 – 11
Black dress shorts

Years 7 – 13


Years 7 – 13

Parents are of great importance in helping the school to maintain high standards in dress and appearance. The school makes every effort to see that students display, both in and out of school grounds, a well presented image in which all associated with the school can take pride.

Where temporary difficulties exist, parents are asked to advise the school, by note, of the problem. A uniform pass must be obtained from the Deans’ Office prior to going to class. Otherwise, students are to be in correct uniform, worn neatly and correctly at all times.

The uniform is only available from:  

Elizabeth Michael School Wear Shop,
4 Bond Street,
Grey Lynn: 358 1680.


School Pullover:

Maroon with Liston Crest

Shirt: Years 7 - 10.

Maroon shirt with Liston Crest

Shirt:  Years 12 & 13.

White short sleeved shirt with Liston Crest

Shorts: Years 7 - 10.

Black dress shorts – those made especially for Liston College
(Shorts are optional at Year 11)

Long trousers:
Years 11, 12 & 13.

Long black trousers – those made especially for Liston College
(Long trousers are optional at Year 11)

School Jacket:

Black jacket with maroon trim

School Jacket:

Black jacket with maroon trim


Black with maroon and gold stripes - Garters are to be worn

Years 9 - 11  Sports Uniform

PE Shirt in their house colour (Available from the College)

Years 7 & 8 PE uniform:

Black shorts, maroon top with black and gold trim with “Liston” down one side

Dress Uniform: Long black trousersplain white long sleeve shirt, College blazer and tie

Uniform - what students should be wearing:

Year 12 & 13 Uniform: White short sleeved shirt and long black trousers
Year 7 to 11 Uniform:    Maroon shirt, black shorts
Year 11:       Students may wear long black trousers
Raincoat:   Black with hood and school crest (Optional)
Jersey:    Maroon with yellow and black band and school Crest
Socks:   Black with maroon and gold band
Cap:         Black with school Crest (hat is optional)


Shoes:     Black polished leather school shoes (must have a heel, not skate or sports shoes).
Sandals:  Plain black or brown sandals (with an ankle strap) may be worn in the summer (with shorts and without socks).
Please note:  Students attending classes in the workshop must wear school shoes at all times for safety reasons.

Uniform – Sports teams

Cricket:    White shirt, white long trousers or shorts and socks with cricket boots or white sports shoes.
Tennis: Uniform as supplied with white sports shoes.
Basketball: Uniform as supplied with sports shoes.
Rugby: Jersey as supplied, black shorts, maroon (gold top) socks and black boots.
Soccer: Strip as supplied with maroon socks and black boots.
Other sports: Uniform as supplied / requested by coaches / managers

Points to note

  • Prefects, Choir and members of college “first teams” must purchase a school tie for formal occasions.
  • Where a white long sleeved shirt is worn, a school tie must also be worn
  • Every article of clothing and personal property should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.
  • T shirts are not to be worn and singlets are not to show.
  • Non school regulation caps must not be worn while a student is in school uniform.
  • The fact that an item of clothing has already been purchased is not a reason for wearing it at school.
  • Jeans of any type are unacceptable.

If you are in doubt about a particular item of clothing, please check it out with Mr McKenty.