Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

International Fees 2016




This fee covers all course costs (see below for all inclusions and exclusions)

 This fee also includes:

· The Catholic Schools’ Office Attendance Dues and Levy

· The NZ Government Levy









Administration / Pastoral Care Fee (Annual Fee)


This fee is required as confirmation of acceptance of a place offered for tuition for each year that a student is enrolled. It covers costs related with enrolment / re-enrolment and general administration, The “College Contribution and the Proprietor’s Contribution”  as well as other costs associated with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.







Annual Cost  


This fee must be paid before a Student Visa can be issued by Immigration NZ








External Examination Fees³ (Years 11-13 -  NCEA Level 1,2 and 3)


School Uniform




Year 8 Camp


Year 10 Camp





ACCOMODATION -  School organised Home Stay



Placement Fee5


Weekly Fee








·   All travel arrangements to and from Auckland, New Zealand are the responsibility of the individual student

·   Pocket money is the responsibility of the student’s family (the school can hold pocket money for the student)

·   Travel by bus or train will be a student expense


All costs include Goods and Service Tax (GST)





Please note that once a student has started at Liston College, refunds can only be made in exceptional circumstances as per the School Policy on Withdrawal and Refund of Fees, as well as the Code of Practice.

Please read the School’s Policy on Withdrawal and Refund of Fees.



1A Student Visa will be issued for the same period of time as the Tuition Fees have been paid for.

2Paid in full, even when a student is enrolled for only part of an academic year.

3 Payable where a student is at Level 1 - 3 NCEA. This covers assessment costs (Internal and External Examinations). This fee is set by NZQA.

4 A condition of enrolment and issuance of a VISA, is proof of a comprehensive Insurance cover. This must be paid for the same period as the VISA is issued for. For the first year, there maybe an additional cost. Insurance can be arranged through the school, if required.

5 Paid upon enrolment or if a student moves home stays.

6 These costs are as at 1 October 2015. Current fees will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time of enrolment –

   PLEASE CHECK by emailing: 

What do the Tuition fees include?

·    Tuition

·    Text books

·    Subject and sports fees

·    Trips during the school day – educational experiences out of the classroom

·    Stationery

·   Additional tuition in English language and academic skills during the course of study (during school hours).

·   Access to a Dean and the College Counsellor who will help with any problems students may have.

·   Access to sporting and computer facilities and College Library


What is not included in the tuition fees

·       Insurance

·       Purchase of School Uniform

·       Homestay Placement Fee

·       Homestay costs

·       Travel costs to and from school by train or bus

·       Holiday excursions

·       Personal requirements

·       Pocket money

·       Overnight trips / school camps

·       NZQA Examination Fees

·       Visa application Fees

What will it cost to study at Liston College for a year?




Study Costs

Tuition fees for 39 weeks



Administration Fee¹






Homestay Costs


$265 per week x 45 weeks (including term holidays)







The total cost of study at Liston College and living in New Zealand for an academic year*  would be approximately

NZ   $26,505.00



Other Expenses

Travel to / from school (where necessary)




40 weeks @ $25/week




Pocket money




Suggest $NZ 40.00 per week



Trips (Outside school hours)




Homestay Placement Fee³








Examination fees⁵ (Year 11-13 students)          






* An academic year (including term holidays) is 45 weeks approx.  

¹ Annual fee – non-refundable.

² Annual cost. Enrolment and VISA, conditional on payment. Charged at the prevailing rate.

³ Once only fee, paid on enrolment - unless the student changes homestays.

⁴Once only cost, paid on enrolment. This will be charged at the prevailing rate.

⁵ Payable each year for Level 1 to 3 NCEA entry (Years 11-13).