Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

At Liston College we provide a range of comprehensive guidance and support services throughout their stay at Liston College. This ensures that the college meets the various personal, academic and future vocational needs that may be of a concern to International Students and their parents. The services that we offer provide the help and support needed by our students.

Student Welfare

The Dean of International Students oversees the general welfare of all International Students. The services provided include:

  • Parents receiving regular communication and progress reports from the college.
  • Regular visits to homestays.
  • Regular interviews with students to ensure that they are happy, well cared for and making good progress.
  • Peer support and mentoring for International Students.
  • International Students assembly once a week.
  • Educational, career and personal guidance support.
  • After hours support if necessary.

English Language Support

Each International student enrolled at Liston College has access to English Learning support and ESOL programmes. This includes:

  • Small group tuition as part of ESOL support.
  • Additional hours of ESOL support depending upon student need.
  • Senior students are prepared for English Literacy standards  for qualifications and entry into New Zealand Universities.

Pastoral Support

We provide an extensive network of personnel there to support International Students while they are at Liston College. These include:

International Dean

International Students have access to an International Dean as well as a Level Dean. The International Dean is available to specifically assist International Students with day to day issues that they may have as well as courses of study, visa requirements, homestay questions, health issues, account queries and parental enquiries. The International Dean interviews each International Student on a regular basis to monitor academic performance and general welfare.

Form Teacher

Each student is assigned to a Form Class, with whom they will stay with during their time at Liston College. They are the first link in the College’s Guidance network. The Form Teacher has special responsible for the welfare and progress of all students in their Form Class.

Guidance Counsellor

The Guidance Counsellor is available to all International Students enrolled at Liston College. They may be accessed directly by students to discuss any matter – academic, personal, careers, health etc.

Careers and Tertiary Guidance

International Students can access Tertiary studies information as well Careers information from the College’s Career’s Advisor

Health Nurse

A Health nurse visits the College on a regular basis as is available free to International Students.

School Activities

International students are encouraged to take part in the life of the College. This includes being involved in numerous activities offered at the College:

  • Sports teams such as soccer, basketball, volley ball, rugby etc
  • Drama and Performing Arts
  • Music performance and groups – individual tuition is available in some circumstances
  • Special Character groups
  • Peer support and Peer Mentoring programmes
  • Leadership opportunities