Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

The College offers a broad and co-ordinated curriculum from Years 7 to 13.

At Year 7, a wide range of subjects according to the NZ Curriculum is taught.  At this level students are taught in a home room situation for most core subjects and are taught by specialist teachers in the areas of Technology, Japanese, Visual Art and Music.

At Years 8 to 10, students are taught by subject specialist teachers and have the opportunity to choose specialist options. These form the foundation for options in the senior school. Maths and English classes are grouped according to ability. At Years 9 and 10, students are given the opportunity to attain their numeracy and literacy credits at Level 1 NCEA. As well, some students will be given the opportunity to begin the external qualifications in number of other subjects. This depends upon the ability group the student is in.

At Years 11 to 13, students follow the NCEA Qualifications pathway At these levels, option subject choices are broad and opportunities for multi-level study exists. At each year level, students study a number of compulsory and optional subjects.

At Level 1 NCEA, students are encouraged to take a broad and balanced course and then to further refine their interests and strengths as they move through into Level 2 and 3 NCEA.

Gifted and talented students are catered through dedicated classes (GATE classes), where the curriculum is delivered in a supportive, challenging and engaging manner. Here, there are opportunities for students to study a wider curriculum, a curriculum at a higher level as well associated co-curricular activities, often personalised to suit students individual needs.

Liston College offers learning support for students who are requiring extra help, particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy. Students who have a specific learning disability can also be catered for in most circumstances.