Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

Computer / BYOD and Internet Acceptable Use Agreement - Students

This Agreement covers the statements made in the Liston College “Use of Electronic, Communication and Information Resources” Policy and “Use of Technology – Guidelines for Students” for students at Liston College as published in the back of the School Diary. These are attached and should be read and discussed before this agreement is signed by students and their parents/caregivers.

General Points

  • I accept that the use of Electronic, Communication and Information Resources are for educational purposes only.
  • I understand that this policy also applies to the use of mobile phones. I will use my mobile phone in the manner and at the times that I am permitted to do so.
  • Liston College is not, and cannot be held responsible for the loss of material, accidental corruption or any other action that might affect transmission or loss of data. I will not hold my class teacher or Liston College responsible for, or legally liable for, materials distributed on or acquired from the network.
  • I understand that communications, history and storage media may be monitored / checked / examined from time to time to support operational, maintenance, auditing, security and investigative activities carried out on behalf of the college.
  • I understand that I am prohibited to participate in activities that are in violation of any New Zealand law. This includes but is not limited to:
    • the copying / distribution of copyright material
    • accessing / downloading / possessing / selling objectionable material (as defined by the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993, section 3) by email or through the Internet
    • accessing material where they have no right to, unless otherwise authorised to do so. 
  • Using the College access to the internet / email for commercial purposes is prohibited. All users are responsible for any legal, financial and other obligations resulting from their use of the Internet / email.
  • I agree to talk to my teacher or another adult if:
    • I come across websites that are not suitable
    • someone sends / writes something I do not like, or makes my friends and I feel uncomfortable or asks me to provide information that I know is private
    • I feel that the welfare of other students at the school is being threatened.
  • I must be respectful in how I talk to and work with others online and never write or participate in online bullying
  • I will ask a teacher’s permission before giving out any personal information (including photos) online about myself or any other person. I will also get permission from any other person involved. (Personal information can include: name, address, email address, phone numbers, photos etc) 

BYOD Guidelines

  • Students must take full responsibility for their devices. The school is not responsible for the security of personal technology. It is advised that personal devices not be left at school after school hours.
  • Devices cannot be used during assessments, unless otherwise directed by a teacher.
  • Students must immediately comply with teachers’ requests to shut down devices or turn off / close the screen. Devices must be in silent mode and put away when asked by teachers.
  • Students are not permitted to transmit or post photographic images / videos of any person at school on public and / or social networking sites.
  • Personal devices must be charged prior to bringing them to school and run off their own batteries while at school. Charging will be available on a limited basis and is up to teacher discretion.
  • To ensure appropriate network filters, students will only use the BYOD wireless connection in school and will not attempt to bypass the network restrictions.
  • Students understand that bringing devices onto school premises which infect the network with a Virus, Trojan, or program designed to damage, alter, destroy, or provide access to unauthorized data or information is in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy. The school has the right to collect and examine any device that is suspected of causing problems or is the source of an attack or virus infection.
  • The College has the right to inspect files on any device bought to school irrespective of if it has been the cause of a problem / attack / virus (This covers devices that may contain pornography / objectionable material obtained offsite and stored on the Student Owned Device)
  • It is the owner’s responsibility for the repair of any malfunctioning / damaged devices. Liston College does not supply technical services for student owned devices.
  • Students should not physically share their personal devices with other students, unless they have written parental permission to do so.
  • The use of personal devices to support educational experiences is not a necessity but a privilege. With respect of the rules, this privilege will benefit the learning environment as a whole. When rules are abused, privileges will be taken away.
  • I understand and will abide by the above policy and guidelines. I further understand that any violation or misuse of the Internet is unethical and may result in the loss of my technology privileges as well as other disciplinary action. (Misuse can come in many forms, but is clearly the case if I seek, distribute or download material that contains pornography, information on how to participate in any form of illegal activity, or racist, sexist or offensive language, or any non-education-related recreational material. Letting another student use my username and password is also misuse as is using e-mail to harass or abuse another student or member of staff).
  • I agree to report any misuse of the Internet to my class teacher or the principal.