Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand


For any of the companies mentioned in the information being sent out you can always ask about their hire purchase or leasing options. 

When gathering information as to which is the best deal for your son, it would be worthwhile asking about what interest free deal they can offer you. If one company is prepared to give you a good deal use this as a bargaining tool when talking to other companies!


Included here are some sources where you could look to purchase an approved digital device. You will need to bear in mind that not all the devices shown in these websites are approved devices for Liston College. You will need to make sure that any device you are considering purchasing for your son meets the specifications.

Liston College can assist families with the purchase of a device through an arrangement made with Harvey Norman - see the box below for further information.

Harvey Norman is a leading New Zealand retailer with the sale and support of digital technologies one of their strengths. Liston College will be working with Harvey Norman to assist families who wish to purchase a device for their son.

If you wish Liston College to assist your family in the purchase of a device please contact the school office and leave your details.  Liston College will then liaise with you and the local Harvey Norman store with regard to organising the purchase. Liston College will purchase the device and the family will be responsible for paying back the cost of the device to Liston College over a period of up to 3 years. The device we will be recommending is the first device shown on the Harvey Norman flyer.




Founded in 1993 and 100% New Zealand owned, PB Technologies is NZ's largest computing and I.T. retailer with 10 superstores + service centres throughout the country and over 500 staff. In addition to our bricks and mortar retail and service locations, PB Tech also has dedicated Wholesale, Commercial, Education, Online and Service divisions operating from our 7,000+ square metre head office / distribution centre in Manukau, Auckland.

 The website for this company

They have a local store in Henderson as well as other locations across Auckland.  PBTech run specials frequently and it is worthwhile having a look at their site and then talking to one of the sales representatives.


The Noel Leeming Group (NLG) is proud to be offering a BYOD Partnership to Liston College. Our aim is to provide you with the best offers available and exceptional service

Some of the great benefits we offer to you are:


We will organise special offers and bundles which will be well suited to the school environment but there will also be a school discount across all devices so you can still access the full range available.

Through our Open Learning Centre we will also offer free and discounted training to help you set up your device and learn how to use it effectively.


At various times throughout the year Noel Leeming will offer Liston College ‘Friends & Family’ exclusive shopping opportunities with specially discounted prices across all of our product ranges.

At these events friends and family of the school will receive cost plus 10% pricing on everything in store - better yet 2.5% of all purchase during this time will be donated back to the school to help with other purchases. These events are a great time to buy BYOD devices, and anything else you might need, knowing that in supporting ‘Noels’ you are supporting the school.

We know you will enjoy the total Noel Leeming experience and we look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at Friend & Family events over the coming months.