Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

What are the benefits of a student having their own device?  
You know your son the best and what suits their learning but generally benefits include the following:

  • Greater access to research a wide range of information.
  • It makes it easier for your son to communicate with his teachers outside of class time.
  • Increased access to Web tools that support learning
  • Development in digital knowledge and understanding.

How much time is spent on a computer/device?
This can vary from day to day and largely depends on the classroom tasks. Breaks are regular as the class programme is broken into learning periods. The use of pen and paper, having discussions, reading books, hands on building and creating along with a range of digital technologies are all part of the blended classroom programme.

Can a student device be left at school?
This is not recommended however, lockers are available at school for use by students with digital devices.

Will my son be expected to share their device?
No— a student’s device is exclusively for their learning. If they share their device it is ultimately still their responsibility.

What are the Hardware and Software Considerations?

How can my child's computing device connect to the Internet?
Liston College has a wireless network which students may connect to while using their devices at school.

Are there suggested accessories?
Providing a padded bag or protective case is highly recommended. This will provide more protection for the day to day use of these computing devices. Earphones will be useful when accessing a website with audio and/or video. We would also prefer devices to have an attached keyboard.

Will there be "charging stations" so my son’s electronic device can be recharged?
Considering today's battery technology, the device's battery charge should be sufficient for lessons which require its use throughout the day. A device should be fully charged at home overnight. Students are able to use their power adapter if necessary. A spare battery pack is also an option that is highly recommended for students who use their device for large periods of the day.

Are there any specifications for the type of laptop, notebook, or tablet my son may bring to school?
See Specifications on the previous page.  

What software will be needed on my son’s computer?
No software needs to be purchased. Because purchasing a computing device is a personal choice, anyone may purchase and use productivity tools that best suits one's personal needs. Your son will find it useful, however, to have some type of word-processing software installed e.g. Word

Whose Responsibility Is It?

Who pays for the technology brought to school?
These devices will be purchased by and remain the property of the family.

Who is responsible for any repairs or updating to personal computing devices?
Students and/or their families are responsible for their personal computing devices at all times.

Who is responsible for damage, loss, or theft of devices your son brings to school?
Families must stress the responsibilities their children have when bringing their own computing devices to school. Any devices students bring to school are their sole responsibility. Liston College takes no responsibility to search for lost or stolen devices nor is there any assumption of financial responsibility by Liston College for damaged, lost or stolen personal computing devices.

Will the family need to have Internet access at home?
It is recommended that families have some form of Internet access (wired or wireless) in order for a student to make full use of school resources from home, as well the multitude of resources available on the World Wide Web, but it is not required in order for a student to use a personal computing device at school.

Does Liston College suggest any other considerations?
It would be wise to include a device on a family’s contents insurance.

Miscellaneous Information

Will my son need to have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file?
Yes. In order for Liston College to supervise student use of the computer network and the Internet, the Student Acceptable Use Policy must be signed by all students who want to have access to educational resources. Parents/ guardians are required to read and sign the agreement. Signing the document indicates that the student and parent/guardian have read and understand the expectations of the school.