Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

The Liston College Board of Trustees recognises the Educational Priorities and is committed to improving the learning outcomes for Maori and Polynesian Students.

For the students this means:

  • Instruction in taha Maori and / or tikanga Maori will be provided to all students in year 7 as part of the curriculum.  Instruction in te reo Maori will take place where suitable trained staff allows.
  • Students at years 9 and above, will be given the opportunity to study te reo Maori. Instruction in te reo Maori will take place where student numbers and staff allows. Where this is not possible, students will be offered the option of studying te reo Maori by correspondence.

For the staff this means:

  • A basic understanding of tikanga Maori and te reo Maori
  • Having an understanding of the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Having high expectations of Maori and Pasifika  students

For school management this means:

  • Analysing achievement data for Maori and Pasikifa Students
  • Setting specific targets related to improving achievement of Maori and Pasifika Students
  • Working with Maori / Pasifika teachers and parents in establishing action plans to meet the school goals


  •  The views and concerns of the Maori and Pasifika Communities will be canvassed as part of the Board of Trustees normal community consultation process (as per Nag 1 (v)).