Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

These have been set out by government and form the basis of the current NAG 1.

They are:

  • Opportunity to access the knowledge, skills and attitudes and values outlined in the National Curriculum Framework and the national curriculum statements
  • Provision of a safe physical and emotional learning environment (currently in NAG 5)
  • Raising levels of literacy and numeracy.  This-is especially in years 1 to 4 Emphasis is to be placed on those at risk of not progressing to further education or training through under-achievement in literacy and/or numeracy
  • Better utilisation of student achievement data.  Gathering of assessment evidence to evaluate progress of students and to inform future programme planning
  • Improving outcomes for those students at risk of not achieving or for those who have special learning needs
  • Improving learning outcomes for Maori
  • Career guidance from year 7 upwards with special emphasis on those students who are at risk or unprepared for the transition to the workplace or further study
  • Reporting to students and parents on the achievement of individual students and to the school's community on the achievement of students as a whole.  Also reporting on identified groups within these priorities (currently NAG 2)

School planning will be based very much on how these priorities might be addressed beginning with analysis of their current situation using evaluative and review data, identifying the variable factors in lifting achievement and establishing priorities for setting of targets.

The Annual Report will provide details of the progress made towards meeting set targets. This will become a useful tool, along with findings of self reviews, for planning future targets.