Year 7 to 13 Catholic Boys School, Auckland New Zealand

The Liston College 2016-2021 Strategic Plan was prepared by the Liston College Board of Trustees in October 2015. It was developed after consultation with all key stakeholders in the Liston community.

This 5-year plan is not intended to sit on a shelf. It is an action roadmap to achieving our vision of providing a high-quality education for every learner. Within this framework we have outlined strategies that will be refined and strengthened as we move forward in response to feedback, to lessons learned along the way, to changes in technology, to challenges faced by our community and to new insights into how best to achieve our collective goals.

At Liston College, our vision is that every learner will experience a rigorous, engaging, well-rounded educational programme that will prepare them for life and enable them to succeed in their chosen careers and further studies.

Download the full strategic (1.9mb PDF)